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> Лекции Девида Мейо, записи в мп3
Oleg Matveev
сообщение 19.6.2007, 19:23
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In about 1985 someone gave me a number of short talks on cassette tape, made by David Mayo at his advanced Ability centre. They have been lieing around, protected from the dust, until some one in Norway transferred them to CDs, a, some one in Denmark put them into MP3 form, and now some one on the other side of the Atlantic has put them on to Interrrnet. You can download them from http://freezoneearth.org/downloads/files.html where you scrol down to David Mayo Lectures

They are good stuff, give an idea of the time (you might say the euphoria of Reformation), and deal with points that the Church of the time (and probably now) were a little reticent about (or even downright perverted)

Nick Brovcenko, wrote of the Sunday talks:

"I was fortunate enough to be there (at AAC) in September 1984 till February 1985. I was there to complete my upper levels which I managed (from Sunshine R/D all the way to 7) in those few months, and at a very reasonable outlay. As I was ready for the levels for a long time but the Org would not let me at it (too long a story). I do remember those Sunday Barbecues fairly clearly (as it was 22 years ago), they were organised every Sunday with some modifications, some were more grander then others, as the occasion demanded.

"At times there were other important speakers and celebrations took place. I even remember talking myself on one occasion. The talks were as you describe them, the AAC staff members took it upon themselves to organise the events. It was not held at the AAC but in Montecito private address, I am not sure who's place it was. However I am sure it was one of the AAC guys."

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