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> Пилот мертв, убили? ...
Oleg Matveev
сообщение 30.5.2007, 22:55
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Странная новость, публикую ниже оригинал. Кратко, суть: 29 мая 2007 года в бассейне собственного дома был обнаружен мертвым Кен Оггер, также известный как Пилот. Руки за спиной были связаны проволокой, ноги залиты в цемент.

I had hoped that in the course of time, this list would be less
occupied with conspiracy theories. and concentrate more on
Scientology, clearing, MetaScientology, and making people freer and
happier in their personal lives. (Actually they belong more on

There is supposedly a "law" or rule something like: What you put
your attention on you get, and I think driving innocent people to
PTSness over the terrible things that supposedly threaten their
happiness is not terribly positive. Be that as it may, I have sad
news to bring you. I have for some time believed that there were
beings in the "Church" that were entirely (absolutes unobtainable??)
ruthless. Unfortunately the message that follows, just sent to the
two lists devoted to Ken Ogger's work, SuperScio-l and
seems to confirm my belief, there is a wolf nearer home for those
intending freedom for Scientology use, practice and development.

Read on.

Perhaps two minutes silence is appropriate when you have finished reading.

Best wishes,

************************************* I wrote to the lists:

dear Friend,

On the 27th June 2006 Ken Ogger, the Pilot asked me to put
Nalikhanian@aol.com on the list Superscio-l and selfclearing-l lists
which I administer.

On Sun, 20 May 2007 01:32:22 -0700 I got a mail from Ken Ogger
>I just posted to ARS/ACT.
>The archive file is attached. Use what you like in IVY.
>I felt that it was time to stir things up.
>Best Wishes,

and there was as attachment post72.txt

If you can not get to post72.txt or the items it includes (please try
first), I can send to you, Just send an email without a message to:
with these words only on the subject line:
Send Pilot's post72.txt
(There could go a few days before you receive it)

A short while ago I received the following message
From: Nalikhania****
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 22:30:21 EDT
Subject: Ken.
To: ivy@p***

Dear Antony,
My name is Nina and I am on both SuperScio and Self Clearing lists. I
am Ken's girlfriend.
I am writing to you about horrible tragedy with Ken.
He was found dead today, on May 29, in the pool of his house. When
the police took his body out, his hands were tied with a wire, and a
heavy concrete thing attached to his feet.
We were supposed to have a date on Monday night. Monday was a
Memorial Day in America. He didn't come. He had never broke dates,
and in case of any changes he always warned me. I couldn't reach him
on the phone, and eventually drove to his place. His mother opened
the door. It turned out she had no idea where he was. His car was
there, so we assumed that somebody picked him up. But what worried us
most -- no calls from him. The phone in his house was broken, but he
never called me either. It was last night, on May 28, Monday, the Memorial Day.
Today when I came to Ken's mother, she said at the door: "He is dead
in the pool".
I am sending to you Ken's most recent postings on the Internet. These
writings had been posted on May 20 of 2007. In his note dated May 26,
2007, he wrote about these postings, and warned about possible danger.
Since summer of 2006 Ken wrote letters to publishers attempting to
publish Self-Clearing. In most cases he got no answer, twice he was
rejected. Not so long time ago the Scientology put an anti-Pilot web
site on the Internet. And it remained on the Net, on Tuesday last
week Ken told me, it was still there.
In the note addressed to his mother, he wrote he wanted his book to
be in the book stores.
There is nothing about intentions to commit suicide in his note. Only
warnings. His wish was in case of his death to play List's Elegy of
the Hero on his funeral. Ken was exceptionally talented pianist.
The last time I talked to Ken was on Saturday. I reminded him to
e-mail his writings to me and he did.
He said: "See you on Monday". Nothing sounded suspicious.
Please confirm the receipt of this e-mail.
May God's Love and protection be with you.
Nina Alikhanian



The first 4 postings went to both ARS and ACT. The next 3 were
only sent to ACT. The last one is included here for reference.



01 subj : super scio - THE PILOT RETURNS
02 subj : super scio - BLACK SCIENTOLOGY
03 subj : super scio - POOR STACY IN BUCKWUPISTAN
04 subj : super scio - MORE OF OSA'S VILLAINY
05 subj : super scio tech - CASE PERSPECTIVE
06 subj : super scio tech - TRUTH REVEALED
07 subj : super scio tech - PRINCIPLES OF EXISTANCE
08 (posted in July 2000) - OSA SEX-DRUG HYPNOSIS (SDH) PROCEDURE


subj: Super Scio - THE PILOT RETURNS

It has been seven years since my identity was revealed to
OSA (Scientolgy's Office of Special Affairs) by my ex-wife

I never imagined that I could get messed up so badly after
learning and processing and mastering so much. But the
CofS has had half a century to perfect black Dianetics and
they are light years ahead of anyone else in their ability
to ruin people.

But they probably never imagined that I'd ever come back
from the grave to haunt them. And here I am.

I don't believe in being a victim or casting blame but the
story of what happened does need to be told and I'm putting
it in a posting called "Black Scientology". For the
Freezone I'll also put out a posting discussing my efforts
to handle this casewise.

I'm going to use my old style of posting everything at once
and then coming back and doing another bulk post in a few
weeks. Some things will go to b .....
**************************** (Ant:) I have cut the whole message

This is a sad letter to send out to you. I leave you now with really
no more to say at the moment. My intention is to keep the lists open.

All best wishes,


Ant Antony A Phillips
Editor, International Viewpoints (= IVy). See Home Page:
Administrator: trom-l, selfclearing-l, superscio-l,
previous-life-scio and IVy lists

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