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> Утечка внутренних документов ЦС
сообщение 15.4.2008, 16:32
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Wikileaks опубликовал некоторые внутренние документы ЦС.


Сам документ


The collected secret "bibles" of Scientology, a global cult founded by science fiction author and con-man L. Ron Hubbard and popularized by the membership of Hollywood celebrities such as Tom Cruise. Most of the document has, ironically, been verified by a Scientology (Religious Technology Center) legal demand to Wikileaks to remove the material (see 'Note' below). A portion of the material is in Hubbard's distinctive handwriting. An analysis of the PDF metadata dates the document collection to 1995. The documents appear to have been smuggled out by a break-away Scientology group collectively known as the "Freezone". In Scientology terminology the materials represent "OT" ("Operating Thetan") levels I to VIII and "NOTs". Some of the materials have previously appeared, most notably in the so-called "Fishman affidavit", although the cult has been very aggressive in preventing public dissemination. Others, for example, the highest level, "OT VIII" appear to be original to this collection.

A former Scientologist contacted by Wikileaks and well known to have studied OT8, states that material marked "OT8 (old)" formed part of his studies but that he does not have a recollection of "OT8 (new)" (which the text describes as having been put together based on the recall the "Freezone" scientologists).

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