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> Наука, религия и восприятие мира
сообщение 19.11.2006, 17:40
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Наткнулся на ряд интересных цитат разных выдающихся ученых по теме сабжа:
J. Robert Oppenheimer: ”We are finding out that what we are forced to call elementary
particles retain neither permanence nor identity...”
quote from Jefferson Weaver, The World of Physics 1987, Volume III, p.1034

”...there is von Neumann's proof that if quantum theory is correct, the world
cannot be made of ordinary objects.”
Nick Herbert, Quantum Reality, 1985, p.25

”the world is not made by putting together the various ‘things’ in it”3
David Bohm, Causality and Chance in Modem Physics, 1957, p.146

Werner Heisenberg: ”Atoms are not things.”
quote from J. Costi, Paradigms Lost, 1989, p.452

”...each of these building blocks is but a disturbance in one of the
fields, a wave in one of the several unseen oceans filling all space...what we ordinarily call
matter is a secondary manifestation.”
F. Wilczek & B. Devine, Longing for the Harmonies, 988, pp.163-4

”...substance is one of humanity's most persistent illusions.”
Robert Crease & Charles Mann, The Second Creation, 1986, p.19

”Like modern physicists, Buddhists see all objects as processes in a universal
flux and deny any material substance.”
Fritjof Capra, The Tao of Physics, 1975, p.190

Max Planck: "My gentlemen, when physicists, that are entire life of the sober science that investigation of the matter dedicated, am I certain of the suspicion free to be held for a swarm spirit.

And so I say after my investigations of the atom of this: there is no matter at itself.

All matter emerges and exists only through a power, which brings the atom particles in oscillation and holds together it to the tiniest solar system of the Alls. There it in the entire universe however neither an intelligent power nor an eternal power does not give so must suppose - it is the humanity arrive, the hot tendon Perpetuum mobile to invent - we behind this power an aware intelligent spirit. This spirit is the Urgrund of all matter. The visible, but transitory matter is not the real, would preserve, actual - then the matter would exist without the spirit generally not -, but rather the invisible, immortal spirit is the true! Because there not also can be however spirit at itself, but rather each spirit listened to a being, we must suppose compelling spirit being. Because however also spirit beings out of itself be not can be created must, but rather, name me so shy I not, this mysterious creator just as to, named have like it all culture peoples of the earth of earlier millenniums: God! Therewith the physicist, who has to engage in the matter, comes, of the empire of the material into the empire of the spirit. And therewith our task to end is, and we must transmit our investigation into the hands of the philosophy."

Archiv zur Geschichte der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Abt. Va, Rep. 11 Planck, Nr. 1797.
aka "Archives of the history of the Max Planck Society." "

www.realway.org - Сайт для тех, кто хочет быть настоящим процессором.
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Oleg Matveev
сообщение 19.11.2006, 17:45
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Создатель и главный администратор форума Абилити

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Иначе говоря, в терминологии Носова, "любая воспринимаемая реальность суть виртуальность". Термины прояснять у него. smile.gif

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