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Oleg Matveev
сообщение 22.9.2006, 19:59
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The fastest route I found to solve the prolem of entities was to learn how
to create them. Want a crash course???? :)

The creation triangle is of course KRC. A triangle is formed with two legs
that act as terminals and a third which mediates between them. In the KRC
triangle Know is one terminal, and Responsible is the other. So the
mediating action that determines the relations between the two terminals is

Control is itself a triangle: start-change-stop. The mediating leg is
change. It mediates between starting and stopping. In NOTs one is stopping
entities. But Hubbard pointed out that if you cannot stop something, you
should learn to (and drill) starting and changing it. So the long term
solution to entities is to learn how to make them and actually drill it.

But before we do Control, first let's do Know.

A normal entity is:
1. a lost (split off) piece of yourself.
2. a copied (by you) piece of someone else.
3. a "meme", which is an entity formed within a group mind and copied by
#3 is obviously a special case of #2.

Parts of an entity:
1. theta, i.e. Life Static
2. an energy field, containing at least one thought and/or image
3. an effort level energy field, containing a feeling of some sort
4. an actual goal or goals

These four elements must be taken apart to unmake the entity. #1 is Source,
and the NOTs command Hubbard and Mayo lifted from the Bible works this.
Questions like "who are you?" "Point to the being you divided from." and the
"tell me a source. tell me about it. Tell me a no source. Tell me about it"
from Power all work this territory. But to be an entity, the Life Static
must be contained in a location, and have purpose and goal. To have full KRC
over entities it is necessary to learn how to make them, so you can unmake
them or even not be making them.

Corollary: A life static can then abandon the placed static, effectively
splitting itself in two.

LOCATIONS. This disagreement is accomplished by decision (postulation).

Now read: http://www.censorthis.com/ouran/GD25.html
when you find the concept half, dive through it and into it, treating it
like a doorway to infinity. It is. It is a door to the Life Static. (My
friend Max Sandor (Joachim Steingrubner) is currently working on a process
based on these two parts, to annihilate memes)

Drill: First you must be able to do the think a thought in that (object) OT
drill. Once that is easy, pick a location in space, not inside any object,
and within a few feet of you. Think a thought at that location. Give it a
purpose and intention of its own, different from you. Have it hold an image
of what it wants; this is its mental image picture.

It is now a remote viewpoint, but not quite an entity.

Next disagree with it STRONGLY! You have now cut it free, sort of. This is a
"split off part of yourself" entity.

To unmake it, command it to locate the being it divided from, which is of
course you. This remerges the theta part of it back into you, and as you do
this, spot its purpose and image and thought.

(this lifetime I first made one of these accidentally downstairs in the
mimeo room at Seattle Org in 1969. startled the hell out of me.) :)

As for the "copied (by you) piece of someone else" type of entity, walk up
to someone and engage that person in an argument (politics is an easy way to
start this). As the person expresses an idea, forcefully reject it while
making an emotionally charged copy of it, its purpose, its ideas and its
image. You now have an entity in your space of that person's idea. To unmake
it, command it to locate its source or origin (who are you, point to...,
etc.) spot its time (when you copied it, including an prior copies, use R3R
if necessary), spot its energy, emotion, feeling, and any goal or purpose it

You should eventually come to the clear cog regarding them: you are mocking
them up. As you drill making and unmaking them, you should begin at some
point to notice the act of cocreating them (as 100% Responsibility), at
which point you will have Control.

Additional notes:
The quickest method is always SOURCE. An entity is alive and aware (but not
aware of being aware). There are various sizes of entity, containing various
amounts of static. a small Thought entity is usually removed by "Point to
the Being you divided from." larger ones demand the use of "who are you?".
Machine entities often require "What are you" to remove them. Complex
entities (like the G.E. and the Joiner entity) may require running them on
the Source process. An entity which you cannot look into and which sucks
your energy into itself is a Targ. To remove a targ command it tone 40 to
move to before the beginning of time.

You can also run the Source process from power on any thetan you encounter.
He won't vanish but he will leave. Sometimes you encounter a thetan who is
too psychotic to run the Source process; use R3R on its incident, demanding
"the incident you are stuck in".

There are a group of body epicenter entities based around the parts of the
brain. These are usually fragmented, and yet muddled together. One thinks in
thoughts, another in emotions, another in sensations. Work to separate out
their functions by using the Nameless technique:
then get them working together by spotting all three functions
simultaneously in daily life.

Polar Dynamics I by Max Sandor and Ed Dawson is now
available in paperback from BookSurge Publishing for $13.99 USD
My sci-fi novel is now available as a paperback book.
Tales From The Hellequin Cycle is published by Booksurge.
For anyone interested: Price is $13.99 USD direct
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